Astigmatism can cause blurry vision, which can make tasks like reading or driving difficult. At Visionary Eye Care in Elizabeth City, NC, we provide comprehensive eye exams to learn more about your condition and treatment to help you see more clearly. Before visiting us, learn why treatment for astigmatism is important below:


Diagnosing Astigmatism

When you visit us, we will perform an eye exam to confirm if you have astigmatism. We will also ask you if you have experienced any symptoms like poor night vision, headaches, or blurry vision. If we determine that you have astigmatism, we can recommend the necessary treatment that will improve your vision.

Treatment for Astigmatism

While astigmatism cannot be prevented, there are treatments available. Our optometrist can provide eyeglasses or contact lenses to help you see clearly. We can also discuss LASIK surgery, which can reshape your cornea so that light properly lands on the retina. While you can can usually return to your normal routine within a day or two after LASIK, it can take a few months to heal completely.

While astigmatism doesn’t lead to blindness, it can make it challenging to complete certain tasks or drive at night. If you are experiencing blurry vision due to this refractive error, we recommend visiting us as soon as possible for an examination. With an exam, we can detect the condition early and rule out any other serious conditions.

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If you are experiencing any symptoms of astigmatism, our team at Visionary Eye Care in Elizabeth City, NC, is happy to help. We will create a personalized treatment plan that will reduce your symptoms and provide a sharper vision. To learn more about the treatments that we offer or to schedule your eye exam, contact our office at (252) 512-5004 today. When you’re seeking an optometrist near me, we are ready to assist you!