Cataracts Screening

Cataracts Management at Visionary Eye Care

Could you have cataracts and not even know it? Dr. Tam Nguyen, our optometrist at Visionary Eye Care in Elizabeth City, NC, wants you to understand the symptoms of age-related cataracts.

Cataracts Screening

What Are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

A cataract is a condition that causes slow, progressive thickening of the lens of your eye. Most people who get cataracts know something is wrong, but they are not sure exactly what, at least at first. Symptoms of cataracts include:

  • Reduced visual acuity - Many patients in the early stages of cataracts know something is wrong with their vision, but they don't know exactly what. For example, they may have trouble driving at night, or they can't enjoy high-definition TV. As a result, they may experience nearsighted vision.
  • Glare - Cataracts can cause difficulty seeing outdoors unless you wear sunglasses with polarized lenses. Cataract patients sometimes can't see in bright sunlight.
  • Temporary farsightedness - One of the surprising symptoms of cataracts is a quick improvement in reading without your glasses. Over time, this effect wears off, and both near and distant vision is affected.
  • Double vision in one eye - In some patients, the cataract distorts the image, so you see double unless you close the affected eye.

Cataract surgery involves surgery. First, the eye doctor makes a tiny incision in the affected eye, removes the cloudy lens, and inserts a lens that unfolds inside your eye to give clear vision. If healed correctly, you may end up without glasses. Our eye doctor at Visionary Eye Care can discuss your surgery and corrective lenses.

When Do You Need an Eye Exam for Age-Related Cataracts?

If you think you have cataracts, make an appointment with Visionary Eye Care to know whether you do and how soon you might need treatment.

If you are over 50 or have had diabetes for more than ten years, you are at elevated risk for age-related cataracts. The good news is cataract surgery is a painless outpatient procedure that gets good results in nearly all cases. Dr. Nguyen at Visionary Eye Care can monitor your vision regularly and work with the surgeon to schedule your surgery. Then Dr. Nguyen can do your follow-up.

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