Fundus Photography

Fundus Photography with Our Optometrist

Visionary Eye Care in Elizabeth City, NC, uses cutting-edge technology to treat and diagnose our patients quickly and effectively. Fundus photography uses a high-tech camera that allows us to see the interior of our eyes in great detail. In addition, our optometrist, Dr. Nguyen, can use fundus photography to diagnose conditions. Read more about fundus photography in the article below.

What Is Fundus Photography?

Fundus photography uses a special high-tech camera (a fundus camera) that can see into your eye. This camera uses a high-resolution sensor, which allows Dr. Nguyen to see your retina in great detail. This detail enables him to catch eye conditions early before they can cause permanent damage.

The camera is attached to a microscope, which allows the eye doctor to get a close look at parts of the eye that otherwise would be difficult to examine. This closer inspection allows fundus photography to locate and document the retina's conditions. It also makes it easy for the eye doctor to monitor the progress of any states he has previously registered. While fundus photography is primarily used to inspect the retina, it can also examine the posterior pole, the macula, and the optic disc. 

Benefits of Fundus Photography

Fundus photography offers numerous benefits over other methods of inspecting the eye's interior. It is non-invasive, causing discomfort or risk of damage to the eye. It is also quicker than different types of exams. The high level of detail allows the doctor to diagnose conditions quickly. This photograph enables the doctor to analyze them after the eye exam.

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